While keeping in mind about the various privacy policy measures, we tend to use some of your personal information. This basic information helps us to provide you with the uninterrupted service that you have requested for. On an addition, I would like to inform you that we might also use this particular information for research, auditing and analysis. This will serve us in improving our services as well as technologies. Apart from all this, if we think that there is a need to send the information to the third parties then we do that also.


The time being when you pay for the service that you are really interested then you will find that you will receive a system generated email that will have the ‘OTS Journey Acknowledgement’. But at the same time, you should take it to your notice that whether the details that are furnished to us are correct or not.

Henceforth, you will get to receive a ‘Journey Details’ email which will be sent to you manually after the journey is assigned to one of the drivers. These journey details kit will contain two things, among them one is pick up instructions and the other one is the telephone number of the driver. If unfortunately, you forget to take the kit with you then Croydon Car will not take any responsibility for it.

Moreover, you have a prior knowledge about the various terms and conditions that are furnished by the Croydon Car. For an example, Croydon Car does not take any responsibility for the missed flights. The reason may be anything that is breakdowns, traffic delay, bad weather conditions or any unforeseen conditions.

In order to deal with the problem faced by the passenger, we recommend each and every passenger to book their vehicle at least two hours before the departure time because it may be possible that you get yourself involved in a traffic jam and all. Besides, if you book the vehicle at Croydon Car then in less than 2 hours of departure of flight then we take no responsibility for a missed flight.

You should also bring it to your knowledge that you are not compelled to book the vehicle 2 hours before. I mean you can also book a vehicle in less than 2 hours of departure of your flight but for that Croydon Car will not take any responsibility.

For a safe and sound journey, it is recommended that you have a suitable travel insurance plan before booking your journey.

If you could not wait for the drivers that you have been booked under your name then you are not liable to get any money, even if you opt for the alternative transport.

Apart from all these, you should also make sure that the number of passengers and luggage requirement should not exceed the capacity of the vehicle that you have booked. If you are not sure about the capacity of the vehicle then it’s highly recommended that you call the Croydon Car service team as soon as possible.

While booking your vehicle one thing you must keep in your mind is that you need to give your arrival time to the vehicle authority. On an addition, if you find that the flight has been delayed then it’s best that you inform the driver as early as you can.

You will be depressed to know that the reservations that are made on the listed below timing attract some special charges on the base price. Those date and timings are from 24th of December 18:00 hours till 26th of December 23:59 hours and the next one is from 31st of December 18:00 hours till 1st od January 23:59.


The Croydon Car fares are calculated manually based on the distance that is travelled, time of the travelled journey and it is directly dependent on the number of passengers those are boarding that vehicle.

Croydon Car has complete right to upgrade the car type from the one that you have selected but this situation only arises if there is an unavailability of that specified car.

Waiting Time

You will be amazed to know that Croydon Car does not attract any waiting charges for the first hour of waiting after the flight has landed but after that, some special charges will be added to your fare. Whereas, the waiting time for another journey will be charged based on the chart list provided and charges will be attracted from the scheduled pick up time.


You must be having an idea that no tolls are included in the online quotes that are furnished. When you encounter a toll on a journey then the driver will either ask for cash or will make payment with your card.


If you think that your journey needs any amendments then it should be made with the help of the telephone or email. After which you will get a manual email about the confirmation of the journey. Make sure that you do not make any amendments directly with the driver, otherwise, you may result in some problem.


Make sure that the bookings made from your end should be done either with the telephone, website or by email. This way helps us to keep the journey insured.


The cancellation of the journey is only accepted by the Croydon Car if it has been made before the final notice of 24 hours is furnished. After this time span, you will attract some special charges for your journey. All the chances that you made will be made official just by sending you an email.

Moreover, if you do not receive any form of confirmation mail from the Croydon Car regarding the cancellation of the journey then it may be possible that we did not receive any mail from your end. If you encounter this type of situation then it is recommended that you make a call to our official number.


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